Eyes Of The Soul Art

By Artist Terry Lynn Smith

Thank you for visiting “Eyes of the Soul Art” website. You are about to discover the wonderful world of provocative oil paintings beautifully depicted by the renowned artist, Terry Lynn Smith.

EyesOfTheSoulArt.net is an online art gallery of paintings for sale. Each painting has been beautifully crafted by Terry Lynn Smith, local artist in the Richmond, Virginia area. All oil paintings are original and are characterized by the artist's well-known trademark feature of large/big eyes. Terry illustrates her surrealistic art work throughout her history of painting. She is also recognized for her true-to-life portraits. Terry portrays her creations using her experience, learned skills, and instinctive talent with amazing results! She offers lessons and has taught art classes on demand. In addition to viewing Terry's artwork in the online gallery, you can see approximately 70 of her paintings at her art studio/exhibition located at Art Works, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia.

Eye On The Soul

"Eye On The Soul"







Fusing hyper-realism, beauty, youth, eccentric hairstyles, texture and fashion, Terry strives to capture pure emotion, rendering timeless, soulful portraits. Each unique portrait is full of passion and vibrant colors, creating highly refined, personal stylized work that accents her mastery of technique. Each oil painting demonstrates her meticulous attention to detail.

Copyright Terry Lynn Smith. All rights reserved.

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